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From the seasoned player to the first time ball kicker, soccer can be a game played and enjoyed by anyone. By taking part you will find many benefits for you and your family.

So what are those benefits?

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To reduce the chances of illness and disease and with the added cardiovascular health benefits, a 90 minute game is just the exercise to do while enjoying a little friendly competition with your team.

Bone & Muscle Strength

In playing football each week you increase your muscle tone while building bone density. Training is a big part of this, the more you train and play, the better your and faster your brain and body become.


The more you play with a ball the more it becomes a part of you. You practice and you weave the ball around obstacles until it is second nature - your mind and body working in coordinated thought and movement. Thinking faster with better decision making will be a benefit you and your team.


The fact that you have to run, turn sprint during a football match will improve your stamina. This will benefit you by giving you added drive and allow you to go further.

new skills

Learning to play football is a wonderful thing that will give you skills that will last a lifetime. From thinking on your feet to using your new found ability to captain or direct, your new found skills will be of great value.

social aspects

Joining a football club like Saint Maelruans FC is a great way to meet, learn and make new friends. Enlarge your social network, create a new camaraderie with club members and become a better communicator.

mental health

Exercise also helps your mental health. The fitter you are physically the better you feel in mind and spirit.

team building

The more you play with a team like Saint Maelruans Football Club the more you learn about your team-mates. This is reflected in the way you assist each other on and off the pitch whether assising with a goal, save or practicing together the benefits are there.

If you are looking for a team sport and looking for a place to get started, why not bring some friends along to our club.